Post-Congress Session – Sessions for those registered authors/participants who missed Science Congress

The 13th Session of the Jammu and Kashmir Science Congress organized by the University of Kashmir successfully concluded on 4th April 2018.

Some of the Registered Authors, could not present their accepted abstracts due to various reasons. A post congress session for such authors has been scheduled on Tuesday, 10th April 2018 in the CCPC building at 11:00 am.

All such authors are informed to present themselves at the Centre for Career Planning and Counselling (CCPC) building near Convocation Complex at 10:00 am.

Further, registered authors who have presented their work and have not collected their conference kits or certificates can also obtain the same on the spot.

Registered participants and student participants who could not attend the Congress can also participate in the post-congress sessions.

Only registered authors/participants who missed the science congress will be allowed to take part in the post-congress session/s.