Prof. R. P. Tandon, Delhi University

Emerging Technologies and their Impacts on Modern Civilization

Prof. R. P. Tandon

Department of Physics and Astrophysics, Delhi University, E-mail:,

Science is perhaps as old as the human civilization but the documented journey starts from the time of Newton and vigorously perused by scores of bright scientists in the beginning of 20th century. The real accelerated growth took place during the two great wars. The author will gradually build upon the technological breakthroughs brought about by science in shaping modern day life. The talk will cover landmark milestones in the area of semiconductors, warfare related technology, materials science, nanotechnology, life science, communication and finally in the area of artificial intelligence. The author will describe some of the mind-boggling discoveries and the onset of exponential growth of technology in the coming years—some hard to believe science fiction stuff. These developments will bring sea change the way we live. The author will also discuss the hazards associated with the future scientific developments.

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